Funchess and Cohen for Trade for a Stud WR? Week 10

Im in 3rd place in a 12 team half point standard league. Trade deadline is Nov. 25th. I need a good wide receiver and considering bundling D.Funchess and T. Cohen for one. This is my Team.

QB. R. Wilson
RB. L.Bell
RB. J. Ayayi
WR. A.Thielen
WR. D.Parker
TE T.Kelce
Flex M. Ingram
K. J.Elliot
Def. B.Bills

RB T.Cohen
RB. Eddie Lacy
WR. J. Doctson
WR C.Kupp
TE V.Davis

As you can see, I’m not as strong as I would like to be on the WR end. There is 2 people who have WRs on the trading block. T. Hill Chiefs and M.Crabtree Raiders. Are any of this guys worth a trade? If so, for who from my bench?

Im dropping Eddie Lacy and get a kicker since Elliot is on bye week this upcoming week and no way in hell im dropping him. His been very consistent. Im picking up a better defense for this week as well. I know broncos,Jets and more are available.

So if anyone who has an idea what can help my team in WR area and what I could trade away let me know.

Hill is basically a very consistent boom or bust and crabtree is a high floor wr2 even though he’s ranked in the top 10 this year (for now imo) hill had a boomish game Sunday so his price tag will be higher than Crabtree who had a pretty disappointing game so I’d aim for Crabtree. realistic trade prospects to get him idk id say v. davis + 1
you dint have funchess listed there. J Doctson could have upside ROS but itd be hard to sell

Id try to move V Davis and Funchess for crabtree like SKLymer said. Maybe play the card that Funchess is a WR1 now and Davis is solid without the injury riddled Reed. If I had Crabtree I wouldn’t take the two of them if that’s any count, but I don’t know what that owner has on their team. Good luck!

I need David for week 10. Cant let him go. Won’t let him go until Reed comes back and to be honest, Davis is the only TE on waivers who is more reliable, so if Kelces ever goes down, I have Davis. This is hard to decide, what about Cohen?I should really keep him?

Id have dropped him already if i couldnt pawn him in a trade

Unless Howard goes down in injury, I wouldn’t touch Cohen as of right now.

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