Funchess, Cobb, Baldwin, Marven Jones

Season long…who’s best/worst? Funchess, Cobb, Baldwin, Marvin Jones

I would say Marvin, Baldwin, Cobb, Funchess

I put Baldwin 2nd because of his injury

I personally don’t buy the Funchess hype that everyone is selling, I’d rather have Cobb because he will get more of a work load in my opinion than Funchess.

Marvin will be solid. He missed some chances last game and is often targeted down field, which could result in some big performances.

I have Baldwin. Let’s hope you’re right. Things seem pretty bleak. I only drafted him because he fell to the 5th round!

nice player to have on your bench if you don’t need him, could provide a boost or depth in the second half of the season or playoff run.

Baldwin, Jones, Funches and Cobb

If Baldwin was healthy I would have it
Baldwin, Funchess, Jones, Cobb

Since Baldwin isn’t healthy
Funchess, Jones, Cobb, Baldwin

for me, and in ppr

Baldwin, Cobb, Jones, Funchess

Baldwin will be back soonish and will give you WR1 performance when he is in the line up.

Cobb is #2 in Aaron Rodgers offense which carries good value. Especially in PPR.

Jones is a bit sketchy given the emergence of KennyG but he will have some big weeks with long TDs still.

Funchess…I just don’t like pieces of the Carolina passing offense. Just too much CMC and Cam read options/designed runs in there for him to have much relevance, although with Olsen out he is likely the #1 passing option.