Funchess, Drake, or Ito at Flex?

I need a win this week. Is it crazy to play Ito Smith at the flex over Drake and Funchess? For some reason I don’t have a great feeling about those 2… .5 PPR league. Thanks

All 3 have their issues, I guess guns to my face, I’d go Drake because I don’t see Gore having success and forcing Miami to pass and get Drake involved that way.

Man if I HAD to pick one I’d go with Drake he’s got more of an upside

drake has been very efficient with limited touches…dolphins are not phasing him out with Gore they are just using him more and more each week at WR…keep him in

Judge Ito all day. Drake is playing against the top defense coming off a bye week. He’d have more luck stopping a truck with his face than succeeding against the Bears.

Drake isn’t going to run on the Bears, neither will Gore, but Drake will have a chance at passing targets in PPR given Mia will more than likely get stomped