Funchess for a QB (Stafford, Cam, Brees, Cousins)?

1/2 pt PPR, 6 pt QB TD keeper league, my team is:
QB: McCown, Bridgewater, Rodgers
RB: Freeman, A Jones, Ajayi, Woodhead, Darkwa
WR: Julio, Evans, Fitz, Funchess, Kupp
TE: Ertz

Hit by Rodgers bug and have been streaming but want to lock somebody up (still have Rodgers in case he comes back for playoffs). Trying to trade Funchess and/or Darkwa for a QB, Stafford, Cam, Brees, Cousins most likely. Would you give up both Funchess/Darkwa for all those guys? I am thinking yes for Cam/Brees/Cousins (though hate Cousins’ playoff schedule) but not Stafford, would rather keep streaming or hold McCown and hope for Teddy B or Rodgers to show up and help down the stretch. Also could try to trade Fitz but given uncertainty for Ajayi in PHI I’d rather hold Fitz for my flex.

I think the question is would they accept the deal. I think it would be worth it for you to give it a shot for brees