Funchess or Crabtree Trade

I have Funchess and I am considering trading him for Crabtree. They both have great fantasy playoff schedules, but I’m worried that Funchess will regress with Greg Olsen returning.

i think olsen returning is good for both of them not all the attention is on one guy

I just made the same exact trade and got Carbtree. The first reason is because Carbtree has an easier schedule than Funchess. Funchess is going to go up against Xavier Rhodes in week 14, no thank you. Next, since the Benjamin trade, Funchess has gotten 7 targets in week 9 and 6 targets in week 10. So he hasn’t gotten double digit targets, and its hard to believe that once Olsen is back he doesn’t cut into those targets. Finally lets be real, McCaffrey is the #1 receiving option on that team, Oslen will be the 2nd, leaving Funchess as the 3rd option. Carbtree in the other hand, is the #1 receiving option on the Raiders offense. If you want to argue that Cooper is the #1 option, he’s not but that’s fine Carbtree still is not going to be the 3rd.

I lean towards Funchess. Minnesota week 14 sucks but that is really the only Matchup that scares me. Losing Samuel for the season should help Funchess as well.

Oakland has New England in Mexico City which who knows how that will go. And New England has played much better as of late and hasn’t allowed a team to score more than 17 points in each of their last 5 games.

Oakland also has Denver who hasn’t been great but can still play a tough game against a division opponent.

And most of all they have Phili in week 16 who has been great as well.

I think last nights game proved that Funchess is really the only WR Cam can trust. And yeah CMC is probably #1, but nobody knows how Olsen will be when he gets back. And the panthers won’t always be able to have a game script that allows them to dump off to CMC and play conservative. I personally like Funchess but can totally get on board with @menaf88 and his argument with Crabtree. I think you are fine either way.

I agree with @Forty9Giants that you can’t go wrong with either one but there’s a couple things I wanted to point out that may strengthen my argument lol. New England is playing better defense… true but Sander also torched Malcolm Butler with 6 receptions and 137 yards, but most importantly Funchess is on a bye on week 11, which is another reason I made this trade. I feel good about having Carbtree vs NE in week 11 over a wr that I’m using as a bye filler.

And yes Oakland faces Denver in week 12 but Carolina is facing New Orleans in week 13 which is just as tough of a match up.

Also, In the playoffs Carbtree, plays KC which has given the most fantasy points to WRs and then Dallas which has given the 8th most points. Carbtree will get you to week 16, but Funchess playing MIN week 14 might not get you there if you don’t have a bye.

Finally, Funchess plays TB week 16 (which is juicy) but I played him when he played TB the first time and he had 6 targets (the same targets he’s getting now) 2 receptions for 11 yards. Maybe that’s why I am so bitter against Funchess lol

Like we said both sides have appealing arguments so I guess just go with your gut on this one.