Funchess or Fuller rest of season?

Funchess and Fuller are on waivers, which one will be better for Full PPR rest of season/should I prioritize in my waiver claims. Have it set to drop D’Onta Foreman for one of them of they make it to me.

Tough. But I am thinking Fuller. Watson is on fire. Cam only one game.

I would pick up fuller but not sure I would drop foreman. Have you tried to trade him for a low end wr and see if you can get a better deal. Drop a kicker or defence for the waiver and try and sell foreman before picking up a kicker/defence for someone on sunday

@Joshg11 I would be picking up either fuller or Funchess.

And no I haven’t really tried shopping foreman, I made another post about jacquizz explaining a rule in our league that ends up devaluing handcuffs if you don’t own the starter. Pretty much if your starter gets hurt and his backup is on waivers, you get first dibs on him. So its hard to trade handcuffs on the selling point that they will be a good handcuff cuz the guy who owns the starter can just get him for free off waivers.

Ive changed sorry to pick up fuller over funchess.
He that’s a tough rule I suppose it softens the blow for the big loss but tough to lose a good rb for nothing because of an injury. In this case fuller for foreman is best bet. I’m just not convinced by cam after he was so poor in the 1st few games.

Out of interest what happens in a committee say Ingram goes down will Kamara go on waivers? Or with Carson have all of the Seahawks rb gone for free?

So for example the guy who lost Dalvin cook this week contacts our commissioner before waivers go through and tells him which RB he wants to take to replace cook. McKinnon and Murray were both on waivers, he chose murray. So the owner who lost cook drops someone from his team and the commissioner manually ads Latavius Murray to the open spot on his roster.

It’s nice cuz when your team gets tanked by injuries you still have a chance to stay competitive, but like I said, it devalues handcuffs as trade pieces which is an unfortunate side effect of the rule.

Also, the guy who i mentioned above lost Cook, Carson, and Montgomery this week, Forte was out, and Danny Woodhead is on his IR. so that rule pretty muched saved his team’s season this week.

The rule only applies to RB as well, If your WR gets hurt you’re on your own.