Funky League Type

Hi all!

I started a new league that’s somewhat similar to DFS style, but instead of a budget you have to stick to, you can pick anyone for free, but can’t use them more than 3 times throughout the entire season. Do any particular strategies come to mind for this? For me, I’m targeting players early who will lose workload later in the season (Mack, Tyrod Taylor, Fitzpatrick) and may only be viable right now. And then there’s the handcuffs to plug in when available, perhaps B. Scott if Sanders sits this week. What are your thoughts?

Mack will share a workload but Taylor will most likely take over as the lead back, Taylor will be the starter for the start of the season but Herbert will most likely finish the season and Fitz will play until they feel like Tua is healty enough to start. If you are looking for a QB then Fitz and Taylor will be good for the start of the season, Mack will be good if you are wanting a RB but will have split carries. I would be more of a fan of Scott just because everyone is unsure of Sanders state this week.

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The early strategy that comes to mind is to start “lesser” players with good matchups.

Mitch Trubisky stands out as a week 1 play. As well as DeSean Jackson.

I think Taylor is pretty locked in this season. Hubert seems like a redshirt candidate.

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