G. Edwards or J. Williams

So G. Edwards was just dropped in my dynasty league and I’m not sure if I should pick him up… The only player that I would feel some what comfortable with dropping would be J. Williams from KC which I drafted late in the rookie draft

Edwards performed well down the stretch last season and you wouldn’t think BAL would overlook that. But they let Collins go last year after a successful season the prior season. Plus they signed Ingram and added Justice Hill in the draft. It’s looking more and more like a time share there in BAL. However, they could lead the league in rushing attempts this season.

On the other hand, J. Williams has some of the best receiving stats from an RB coming out of college for the last 5 years. I could see KC utilizing Williams in the passing game this season. I doubt they resign Hyde and I’m not the biggest D. Williams fan out there. So J. Williams has a lot more upside in a Dynasty league than Edwards.


Perfect, Thank you!