G. Tate, K. Johnson and T. Burton for M. Thomas

My team in my 8-man league PPR with my best buds:

QB: Cousins, Rivers
RB: Zeke, Barkley, Mixon, J. Conner and K. Johnson
WR: D. Adams, K. Allen G. Tate, E. Sanders and C. Davis
TE: Kelce and Burton

Do you think I am giving too much for M. Thomas? this is a very close 8man league and my team is a WR short of winning… Thank you

How many WR or RB’s can you start in one week? Also How many flex spots do you have?

Its a 2rb and 3wr league… no flex

but unfortunately the M. Thomas owner said he doesn’t want to trade… Might offer the same trade for Julio or B . Cooks

With Zeke and Barkley as your 2 RBs and mixon coming back Kerryon doesn’t have too much value but at the same time Conner is going to be useless in a few weeks so you would only be down to 3 backs…if you can pick up a RB then I would definitely do the trade because the WRs are obviously more valuable than the RBs

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Who do you like more ROS Julio, B. cooks, M. Evans and Odell?

That’s really tough but I think I would say Julio, Evans, Odell, and Cooks in that order