G Tate or B cooks for Kamara?

Looking for a solid flex, full PPR 12 man I’m tired of cooks putting up 7/8/9 and would like a higher floor. I have brown, Evans, Tate, cooks, c davis at wr and Gordon, Hyde, Murray, Martin, forte. What do y’all think on offering one of those guys? I almost feel like Tate has a better outlook ros, but also with news of hogan injured that might make for some heavier cooks usage…

I’m pretty sure Hogan will come back. I am stashing him in my league now. You have a few options to go get Kamara with like Hyde or something like that.

The kamara owner has bell zeke mixon Henry at rb. And Jarvis Landry with either Kupp or agoholor as wr2 so I may be able to do it with just one wr. Maybe plus a forte or plus a d Murray. I don’t think I’d pay up Hyde for kamara. As of a couple weeks ago I labeled myself a Hyde truther. He’s way too good to be undervalued like he is. 2nd in rb targets and I think 3rd in rec with a solid lead role. I was trying to get this guy to trade bell or zeke but each time we’d agree on something he’d back out.

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Bump any new thoughtS?