G Tate or Funches?

Dynasty league first year draft
Dranke and henry are also on the board… but i should prob draft a WR. Thoughts?

Rb: Bell and McKinnon
WR: Thielen, Badlwin
TE: Henry

You start one QB two RB two WR one flex one TE and one D

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I’m looking at D.Lewis on your board and would be tempted, then get a younger WR with upside at your next pick - maybe your top rookie if they are still on the board? If it’s half or full PPR then Lewis could be the play, Murray left behind over 220 touches last year in TEN so he’ll get work plus he’s good cover for McKinnon who can get banged up. But i’d take Tate over Funchess

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I like G Tate more than Funchess. Better QB and better WR. However, this choice depends on team makeup - do you need youth? Funchess will be 24 at start of season and Tate will be 30.

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Its a full point PPR. Yea i am going to stay away from tate due to age… i already have baldwin whos 29.

Henry and Lewis are interesting, but i am scared of split work + i dont draft in the 6th round so i got make a good pick here

Reasonable and yeah you do need a young WR in there for sure. I’m just not a Funchess fan, in full PPR i’d rather have DJ Moore from CAR than Funchess.

Split work i hear you on, i think playable RB’s are thinner than playable WR’s that’s the only reason i suggested Lewis

Yea, you are right. I dont love any of these WR. I should probably take a RB here

If Kenyon Drake is available, i would take him. People are down on him but he WILL get alot of touches. Adam gase recently said he will be the one getting most of Landry’s touches. Drake can line up in the slot or the backfield. He will be utilized alot!

If not, Deion lewis would be a solid pick for PPR. Tate is a high catch guy of course but he is older. I think DJ Moore could be available in the next few rounds but he’s a target for me

Took henry. I dont like the dolphins at all, as a team and now without landry. thank you for the input on moore will keep an eye on him

Pretty sure I take Lewis here.

In dynasty, I think QBs are a little more valuable because of their shelf life so I would even consider Watson. This is probably not a popular vote but I think long term you’d be happy.