Gabriel or T. Smith

Do I drop Taylor Gabriel for Tre’Quan Smith off waiver?

I would do it. The #2 receiver catching passes from Drew Brees is a valuable fantasy commodity.

Any thoughts on how much i should spend?

Umm, not a whole lot. Don’t spend big for receivers. Maybe like $7-$8?

Yeah I would def do that. Give me the WR3 (MT, Kamara are 1 & 2) in a Brees led offense over a WR3 in a Trubisky led offense any day of the week.

I would be willing to spend heavy to secure him. I don’t really like giving advice on how much to spend cause every single league is different. But in any of my leagues, I would be more than fine spending 25%+ to secure his services.

Yeah, my leagues doesn’t tend to spend that much but feels like with all the byes, the spending is going up. I’m also spending a lot to get Geronimo Allison. He’s my first priority but then Smith. I’ve got $63 left and I was going to spend $15 on Allison. So maybe $8 to get Smith?

Like I said, you know your league better than I.

I would be fine spending upwards of 25% on Smith.