Galladay for Fournette?!?!

Ive got Fournette, CMC, Kenyan, Cohen, and Kerryon
Michael Thomas, Alshon, Cooper and Enunwa
Kittle and Engram

Guy in my league is willing to give up Golladay for Fournette.
Im also in talks to trade Michael Thomas and Tarik Cohen for Hyde, Sanders, Ekeler and his #1 overall waiver. If both these trades go through and only both of them would those be good moves? Am i giving up too much in the thomas trade or would you say thats accurate value?

get rid of fournette if you can. he’s not serviceable until realistically week 10. take galladay.

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My only problem is if I don’t get good RBs out of the Thomas trade I’m left with subpar RB options. I think galladay is legit and I hate to get rid of fournette but at this point I’m glad to get some value out of him. Another worry is he comes back week 7 and balls out.

I would dump fournette for any starter if being offered.
I take it your league is Flex (as opposed to 3 WR)?
I would see about getting the first trade done, before moving on to the second.

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Matty I agree with the fournette dump, but am I giving up too much for what I’m getting in the Thomas deal?