Galladay for Royce Freeman

Half point PPR…

Being offered Galladay for Royce freeman… Im super deep at RB i have 8 of them… Is it worth it… I like what im seeing from galladay so far and i really need a reliable WR2

If you’re deep do it. Honest a pretty good trade for both sides if you can afford it.

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I have Lindsay as well but im not sure if i wanna keep him or trade Freeman lol

What’s your roster.

wait… you’d be sending him Freeman for Golladay? Let us know what other players you have rostered and it may make the advise a bit more contextual.

If you have 8 backs, and Freeman is way down the list, I’d take Golladay all day (and I’m a HUGE Freeman fan).

I would do this trade. Golladay is a WR2 in my opinion. Freeman needs something to happen (either injury or Booker getting benched) for him to be more than a flex.

Im also 0-3 so im trying to do something to score points lol

jesus… take the trade… that’s a hell of a RB roster. with Ingram returning from suspension, you have 3 RB1s in Fournette/Conner/Ingram and Lev Bell will end up playing somewhere…

That’s not even accounting for Aaron Jones (the best back in GB IMO) and Sony Michel who just got a huge bump from Burkheads neck injury (Out 7 weeks at BEST)

Freeman is redundant

Also, if it’s not a keeper league, I’d be dropping Garoppolo and adding a WR too… if it’s super thin, Taywan Taylor is a nice little name now that Rishard Matthews has been released in TEN, otherwise guys like Mike Williams (48% owned) Chris Godwin (45% owned) Geronimo Allison (38% owned) Cobb (36%) are possible waiver options

do it you’re pretty deep at RB and i don’t see freeman developing anytime soon.

Yeah my RBs are solid… I just catch catch a win man… I did drop Jimmy G and picked up Dalton to play this week… All the other names you bring up though are gone from waivers … … Imma get back to him and see is he still wants to do this trade then… Thanks for all the help guys

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I agree to do it, but I think people are over looking Freeman. He’s got less room to run (facing 8 men or more in the box 50% +) but despite grim efficiency numbers he’s managed a breakway run rate of 5.6% (15th in the league), 11 evaded tackles despite being limited in touches until last week (11th in the league) and the 13th best juke rate in the league.

Lindsay has had a nice little run but he’s a tiny little satellite back (5’8" maybe 185 lbs) so he’s not going to steal the first 2 downs from Freeman, and no one on that team is going to touch the ball in the red zone (he’s got 2 TDs in 6 attempts in the red zone so far).

I’m buying Freeman right now.

Plus, KC is giving up a lot of points to opposing RBs, so I could see Freeman going off this week, and suddenly the price jumps up and he’s harder to acquire.

The trade went through… Thanx for all your help boys… Fingers crossed this trade works out for me

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I think you def made the right decision. Well done.

I would have made that trade, so I am glad you did. I am not sure I see him as a WR2, a bit more of a WR3 with upside. But that upside keeps him likely starting every week. Good for you!

Yes Kenny G is having an amazing break out year in a pass first ask questions later offense

This would be an instant accept for me.

Thnx guys making this trade makes me feel better about sitting Kupp last night lol

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