Gallman trade?

Hurting bad at RB. Have Saquon and Damien Williams. Lost Gallman pickup to someone with higher waiver priority last week. Trade is to receive Gallman and Corey Davis for Cooper Kupp. Thoughts?

Gallman has bad match-ups next two weeks. For me its not worth it. Your only renting Gallman for next 4 weeks?? Kupp has been killing it. If your willing to trade Kupp see if a different team would trade for a RB. try to catch a team tilting/ panicking on their #1 receiver who would jump at the opportunity of having Kupp. might get a good deal

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think you would be crazy to trade Kupp. You can do much better than Gallman and Davis for him if you do need to move him for a RB

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I agree with @mFedj and that Kupp is worth more…this is the other owner playing on your panic. Gallman has tough matchups the next two weeks and Dr. Chao’s timeline is still 4-6 weeks for Barkley: “…I don’t think Barkley is close yet. My timeline remains four to six weeks. Let’s hope he is off crutches this week and out of the boot next. Only if this happens will he get close to playing in late October.“

Find a better deal!

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Thanks for the insight, I’ll reject the offer and shop around. I suppose I’m tilting for even considering this after getting smoked this week.