Gallup for Justin Jackson and 3.08

Dynasty .5 PPR

I have Ekeler and a guy in my league offered me Jackson and 3.08 in the rookie draft for Gallup. I’m not especially excited about Jackson. Would this trade be worth it if I got a 2nd round pick instead of a 3rd. I’m not sure I feel very strongly either way about this trade. I have pretty good depth at both RB and WR, I currently have a 1st two 2nd and a 3rd in this rookie draft.

depending on the value of the 2nd rounder you could get, maybe. you could then either take two of the 2nds or 3rd that you have and turn it into a late first rounder or just stock up on future talent at WR/RB.

You mention you have good depth at WR, so that would imply that Gallup is not your 1 or your 2, so it might be better to have the picks.

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I wouldn’t make this move until after the NFL draft this week, at the earliest. I would wait to see if the Chargers add anybody at RB, and if so, where in the draft. If they do (and if it’s a somewhat significant investment), don’t take this deal. If you had to make a call before the draft, I’d pass. The upside of Gallup is significantly higher than the upside that Jackson and a late-third have.

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At this moment there is no way I take this. After the draft, maybe? But very, very doubtful.

Gallup is a stud and I think Cooper back in town is a huge boon for Gallup. Jackson I actually quite like, but I am not seeing him do much to affect Ekeler. I do think Jackson will do more that many folks are expecting, but still not enough to be more useful than Gallup. The 3rd does zero for me.

Unless you are getting a high end 2nd, there is really no discussion. Even at that point, I think I am sticking with Gallup. You would be hoping you get someone as useful as the person you are trading, and only definitely adding a strong FLEX / Low RB3? Not worth it IMHO.

As noted, after the draft things could change but for now, hard pass from my perspective.

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