Gallup vs N'Keal Harry


Call it a week 1 overreaction but hear me out… Gallup finished 3rd on his team in targets… Lamb, a rookie seeing his first NFL playtime, received more targets… you can say that’s an outlier but Id only expect the trust to build and Lamb to continue outpacing Gallup… I dont see him being more than a home run hitter who might hurt you without the 50 yard TD.

Harry on the other hand actually saw more targets than Gallup with his QB only throwing the ball 19 times… he was right there with Edelman in target share and he was 3rd in snap% out of all weapons (1st and 2nd being the TE and Byrd)… You have to project that Cam’s passing attempts increase from here… 19 attempts per game just doesnt seem sustainable… and even at that, Harry was literally inches away from having a 15 point “breakout day.” Instead he fumbled on the 1 out of the endzone.

To me, Harry has actual upside to be a primary pass catcher, where with Gallup, I just see myself plugging him into my flex on bye weeks, hoping for a long TD…

I’m looking for a drop candidate… theyre both at that wr5 bench spot on my roster. I still have Ridley, DJ Moore, McLaurin, and Diontae Johnson… after Johnson’s 10 targets, I cant imagin every looking towards Gallup over him.