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Game of Throws - 12-Team, Superflex Dynasty Startup - Sleeper - Looking for interested Active Owners!



Looking for owners to join the “Game of Throws” 12-Team Start-up SuperFlex Dynasty League on Sleeper App. $63 buy in. 1st - $325, 2nd - $125, 3rd - $50. Highest score each week of the regular season $10 ($130 total).

League is planned to be an Auction Draft, but this is pending the feature becoming available in the Sleeper app. Waivers will be FAAB.

Starters will be:
1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1TE, 1SuperFlex, 5 Flex Spots.

No D/ST, or Kickers.

Will start with 22 Man Rosters, 5 Taxi Squad Spots, 4 IR spots.

Scoring will be 0.5 PPR with 6PT passing TD. Tight Ends will be 1PPR.

13 Week Regular Season. 6 Team Playoffs. First 5 seeds are based on record. 6th seed will be highest remaining total points scored.


Hello Im a very active fantasy player and would really like to join this league! Send an invite on Sleeper app, AldoKnows54, or email allentho.54@gmail.com
hope to hear from you soon


I’d be interested and perhaps could recruit another. Very active players. Email me at brandon.vanga@pepsi.com


Still spots open!!!


Yeah I’d love to join! luukgx@gmail.com


Are you still looking? robertbgilchrist@gmail.com


We are currently full, but I’ll add you to the waitlist. We have 2 people yet to pay and if they don’t soon the spots may be available.


Sounds good!

Thank you,

Bob Gilchrist




Go a head and take a look at the by-laws. The by-laws say payment via paypal, but we’ve change to LeagueSafe for payment, also we plan to start the draft in the next few days so make sure you’re good with that too…



Do you have a estimate on draft day and time I will add it to my calendar.

Thank you,

Bob Gilchrist




This sounds awesome! According to Sleeper, auction will be available in the next few months. I’d love to join! srcollins365@gmail.com


Love the format. I have one other league with other footballers and can’t get enough. If you still have room I would love in.
Sleeper user is: ragincajun42
email: llecamu@hotmail.com
Let me know


Is this still open? If so, I’m interested!



Second league @ Tim