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Games Ending in a Tie


Hi Footclan,

Even with fractional scoring, my league had a tie game this week.

What method, if any, do you use to break ties? Bench points? Leave it as a tie in the regular season?

Thanks for your help!


So I have done all the scoring calculations and it in fact was not a tie, but there is a .03 point difference as of now. Not sure if ESPN stat adjustments will change that though.

Our league does .05 points per passing yard (1 for every 20) and .04 points for every return yard (1 for every 25 yards). Needless to say the Bears/Ravens game with the punt return and kick return yards mattered here.

This is the benefit of having fractional point scoring! Tell people about this as an example of why to use this!

I’m still curious about the original question of tie-breakers though.


I use bench point, but honestly I think that’s a crap measurement and I should probably change it. I’m more inclined to to whoever has the least amount of bench points wins, because then you are rewarded for playing the more optimal roster. It’s just as fair as most bench points but more so. I don’t think that’s an option though, but it should be. haha.


I think it would remain a tie. the bench means nothing.


I think a tie is the most fair. Shouldn’t penalize someone for not having a back up QB / or having players on bye.