Garcon a FA

Someone just dropped Garcon to add the Bears D (i know), he’s cleared waivers and now a FA in my main league - 12 team, standard scoring. I have Stills, Davis and Allison as my bench WRs at the moment is he worth an add here or will the 49ers spread it around too much for him to be a weekly factor?

Other notables are Cole, Sanu, Parker (someone just dropped as well), Washington Moore, Ross, Grant + all the rookies bar Gallup. Anything you like here vs Garcon or the current bench guys?

I wouldn’t touch Garcon especially in standard. But I would rather have cole over allison for sure. And he’ll have the work since m. Lee is out with a torn acl

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That’s fair I’m not that keen either so glad to hear a similar view. Do you put any stock into the quality of targets that Cole will get vs what Allison will get with Bortles and Rodgers throwing them the ball respectively? Also that the Packers wil be passing more than the Jags, one because they have Rodgers and it will be designed that way vs the run first jags and two the Packers D is nowhere near as good as the Jags so they’ll need to put up points.

Also looking back at a target share with a healthy Rodgers and Cobb, Rodgers WR1 say 150+, WR2 say 120+ and WR3/Slot saw 85+. No Allison is no Adams or Nelson who had these targets but as the second outside guy in GB is it crazy that he could see 120+ targets, quality Aaron Rodgers targets with TD upside over Cole who may get a similar number but surely doesn’t have the upside in the Jags offense over the Packers offense? I like Cole don’t get me wrong but as a final stash, if Rodgers ends up throwing 40 TDs this year Graham and Adams cant catch them all, Allison if he keeps his place offers the TD upside over a lot of flier picks no?

That is all true and allison does have alot of talent and you’re absolutely right about Rodgers. If anything you could also drop stills for cole. Miami isnt going to be good and going to throw alot but I just dont see stills breaking out and cole is much younger and has more breakout talent especially coming off a season as an undrafted fa w/ 748 yards 43 of 86 tarts caught (or somewhere in that range) and 3 TDs. And the TDs gotta go somewhere being that Robinson is gone.

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That’s not a bad shout with Stills, as you say Miami are not a good team and when you get to this area of the bench you are looking for maximum upside and Cole offers more than Stills from a talent perspective and the fact they have invested high draft capital in Parker so he’ll get every opportunity to be the guy.

Exactly and Tannehill is more likely to target parker over stills also

Yes i was just about try and search this! I recall Still was Matt Moore’s target of choice and was wondering what the Tannehill pattern was. The guys said on a show way back last season some time that it was quite noticeable and enough to affect how you view them as a start/sit decision

Also dont forget miami also picked up Danny amendola

If you haven’t already listened to today’s episode. The guys give you a good take on allison at the end of the episode so that might help also

Thanks man I’m listening now as it happens, perfect timing. Appreciate the discussion and points

No problem. That’s what the footclan is for. Best of luck to you