Garcon, Crabtree or Hilton FLEX start?

I’m torn on who to start in my flex this week. Garcon in Arizona, Hilton in Seattle or Crabtree in Denver…ugh!

It looks like we can cross Crab off the list since he’s doubtfull.

So it’s either Hilton or Garcon, which is a decision I’m currently weighing for my own team. It seems like a bit of a toss-up. Both guys should have garbage time opportunity, both on the road, both in offenses that should see improving chemistry/familiarity with the offense. I think it all comes down to whether you prefer to bank on the better WR, or the better matchup.

I’m leaning toward Garcon for my team. Seattle’s home field advantage is huge, and they could completely smother the Indy offense. Arizona’s home field advantage isn’t nearly as strong, so I trust SF in Glendale much more than Indy in Seattle. Arizona is currently allowing the 3rd most points to fantasy WRs. They gave up the 5th most to WRs last year. Which is really awful considering they played the offensively inept Niners and Rams twice each last year.

Would y’all start desean Jackson over garçon?

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