Garcon Dropped to Wires, do I acquire? FAAB %?


Our league is in it’s first year of FAAB. Someone dropped Garcon. What % of my FAAB ($99 left) should I spend to secure or risk it and wait till tomorrow when he’s free.

Current Roster

K. Cousins
D. Murray
I. Crowell
A.J. Green
T. Pryor
T. Eifert
M. Ingram
W. Lutz

B. Marshall
F. Gore
M. Bryant
E. Decker
J. Hill (Had a offer for Cohen didn’t get him.)
K. Golladay (got for $1 on waiver dropped Ginn.)

Pick him up and drop Marshall. He probably has some good games left in him but Let someone else suffer through trying to guess when those good games will come

I’d go as high as $15 as he’s looking like a sure fire wr2

Got him for $16. Interestingly enough no one else bid. Moncrief is also on the wire. I’ll let him sit for now.