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Garcon or Diggs? Full PPR


Hey All, been really high on Diggs all offseason, and used my keeper on him this season (8th rd pick). I also drafted Garcon in rd 9. (These are my 3rd and 4th WRs, I also have A.Brown, and Baldwin).

A little concerned with all the work Theilen has been seeing in the slot all preseason, Diggs in the slot was a Landry type clone, but if they’re going to use him outside more that’s concerning to me. This is a FULL PPR league.

On top of that I really like the Volume I think Garcon is going to get in Kyle’s offense, and we all saw what he did in 2013 in it. Plus the 9ers might be in gane scripts that call for even more passing (trailing in games). I could easily see Garcon getting 140+ targets.

So who should I roll with as my 3 out the gate?



Sounds like a good problem to have. You already stated most of the point I would have brought up. Lately I’ve been leaning Garcon, just too much info about Theilen taking the slot over Diggs.