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Garcon or Maclin


Someone dropped garcon. I can either drop maclin or t west. Should I?


Depends on your scoring system, who’s on your roster, etc. Do you already own a kicker or defense because if one of those positions isn’t elite, you could drop them. You don’t have to own a defense or kicker until Week 1 is here.


I second dripping the kicker, if it’s an option. If that’s not an option, I’d prefer Garcon to Maclin in any format. I’m not a huge West fan, but I’d have a hard time dropping a starting RB, considering the positional scarcity.


Id keep Maclin and T West over Garcon any day!


pretty similar players. both on meh teams. i do like garcon this year. if you can drop a kicker or DEF, i pick up garcon easy. maybe try to package him with maclin to get something better. they both have value as 1000 yard receivers. so someone might pay up for them.


I absolutely love Garcon in PPR this year so would personally drop Maclin to do it. The obvious choice is dropping a kicker to get him like everyone else has said.