Garcon or Pryor

Neither has been consistent. Been back and forth on it all weekend. Thanks in advance!

Theilen in slot now, bench is Forte, white and cohen

Most players don’t do well against former teams, so I go Pryor.

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I’d go Garcon.

What are your thoughts on playing garcon? Match up seems to be on Pryor favor too. I’m tilting in this league and need a win this weekend.@ryandelaney

I’d say pryor

Garcon has a good advantage from seeing coverage from Quinton Dunbar, and we’ve seen his upside, and he is the main target. Pryor does have a good match up as well, but we haven’t seen him click with Cousins on the offense. I wouldn’t say Pryor couldn’t go off. He just hasn’t done it yet. Plus Reed is back. (We hope he is “physically.”)