Garcon Replacement

14 man PPR League

Need someone to stash on my bench due to this injury. Not much on the waiver wire, but here are the WR’s available. Or I can try to screw my opponent over in week 10 by taking the next best QB since Carr is on a bye and Philip Rivers is playing Jax who is his backup.

Terrance Williams
Mike Wallace
Brandon Lafell
Reggie Lewis
Marquise Goodwin
Jordan Matthews
Bennie Fowler III
Jordy Nelson
TJ. Jones

Jordy Nelson is intriguing. I give him one more week to see if that offense is totally dead for fantasy outside of aaron jones. He’s you’re highest ceiling pickup imo

What are your thoughts about LaFell??? He’s averaging a consistent 8 points each week in case one of my starting studs get injured.

Lafell is probably your safest bet. I still think Jordy is the best receiver on the Packers without Rodgers. If anyone can be WR relevant on that team, it’s Jordy. If you don’t need a start this week, I say Jordy hands down.

You have jordy nelson on the waivers… In a 14 team league?? This is a no brainer.

Hahaha. I meant JJ Nelson, not Jordy. Sorry everyone.

Do you have either Shepard, Anderson, Davis, or Westbrook on the waiver wire? Shepard would be a good one because he imm3diately becomes #1.

No Sterling Shepard, but Russell Shepard is available and Dede Westbrook. The others are not available as well.

Jordy then Wallace.

No Jordy, I meant JJ Nelson.

Get Westbrooke or Matthews. See if you can find Robert Woods he could be a good play this week.