Gardner Minshew / Ryan Tannehill STREAM

Standard 6 pt QB

Looking to stream a QB since Lamar Jackson is on bye.

I narrowed it down to Gardner Minshew and Ryan Tannehil.

I was leaning Minshew until I read up that the Jets have actuall ybeen decent against opposing QBs and have only allowed multiple passing TD’s once this season, to Brady week 3.

Tannehill is facing Tampa Bay which should be promising as we all know.

Thoughts clan?


I’d go Tannehill this week. The matchup is better as you’ve stated, and TB is actually good against the run, so they beg for passing. Plus TEN is feeling bolstered with the new QB, and he’ll have another week practicing/connecting with the starters.

Minshew will have a fine week I’m sure, probably 20 points, but Tannehill has better upside IMO

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I am in the exact same boat. Start/sit tool says Minshew, and I do trust him more as a player. Also, strategically, I don’t think you want Minshew out there available for other teams to use in their bye weeks, and I’m assuming you aren’t going to have 3 quarterbacks.

If it looks like you are going to make the playoffs, I would play Minshew and then stash him. You may want to play him in Week 13 when he faces Tampa Bay and Lamar has to go up against San Francisco. It would be nearly impossible to bench Lamar, but circumstances may change between now and then, and you certainly don’t want your potential opponent to be able to stream Minshew against you and knock you out of contention.


Yeah man I’m leaning Tannehill the more info I get. Good point about TB, TEN should be forced to pass more. Agreed sir


Yeah the start/sit tool has me rethinking Tannehill but his upside/matchup is what i find intriguing.

Good point. Yeah it’s looking like I’ll be making the playoffs as of now. I’ma have to look into the Foles injury to see how long Minshew will kep the starting gig.