Garopolo and Trubisky enough?

These are my 2 QBs in a dynasty league? Do you think they are enough to stream or should I try to acquire another? Tried to get Dak but the owner feels he’s due to break out and wants too much.

if healthy, should be fine so long as their byes dont match up. i would still try to get one more for any injuries.

There is definitely potential there but Garopolo is still somewhat unproven as a starter and Trubisky can have some great games but was pretty inconsistent last year. It might be worth trying to go after an older but proven QB like a Big Ben or Rivers to fall back on just in case. Guys like that should be much cheaper in Dynasty, you might not get to many more years out of them but it could at least give you time to see if you have a true starter in your current 2 QBs.

wally has the right idea grab a stable old QB just in case…I would throw out a few other names like Stafford (down season people are down on him) or Brady which shouldn’t cost you alot…or even a guy who will play but may not seem appealing is Nick Foles.

I would stick with these two and not lose any picks or players trading for one. Unless a guy like Rivers/Brady/Stafford is on waivers. Trubisky was QB15 last season (ahead of Stafford) and should keep improving with his career. He was only 50 pts behind Aaron Rodgers who finished QB6 so there isn’t really much points gained moving up to Rivers/Dak etc. Jimmy G had a 90 QB rating through 3 games last season and in 2017, if he would have played a full season, he was on pace for over 4K yards. I’d be okay with these two as my streaming QBs in dynasty.

Thanks all for the feedback! I grabbed Ryan Fitzmagic off waivers to help while seeing if one of these emerge.

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