Gas-man or Kelce

Keeper help please

I’m keeping AJ Brown for pick 15.12 (12 team league). Deciding my second keeper

Myles Gaskin for 16.01
Kelce for 1.12
David Montgomery for 5.12

I was leaning towards Gaskin. Gaskin and AJ for my last 2 picks sounds like solid value. Kelce was obviously awesome for me last season

Not sure of the format, but I would look at Montgomery or Kelce again, Gaskin is great value, but the other two are much more likely to be staples of a championship roster at good values. In an ideal world, you have your WR1 and RB1 set with Montgomery and maybe Kelce falls to you in the 1st.

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DEF keep AJB, for the other keeper only two options are Gaskin and Kelce. Mont in the 5th is like taking gaskin in the 5th both have similar floors and ceilings.

Kelce over gaskin is an iffy take. I would Take the extreme value and draft best available in first 3 rounds. Probably end up with 2 top 15 rbs and 1 top 15 wr on top of you AJB and gaskin.

Bumping this to see if there other opinions after the recent news regarding the MIA backfield…. Thanks!

What’s your scoring format?

I’m weary of Gaskin, but such a late pick it’s not a bad choice. But let’s just say he’s out of consideration, because you have good value on the other picks. In my keeper league, Montgomery is looking like a second round pick because of the ADP bump from kept players. If yours is like that, 5th round is a great spot to keep him. Especially in non-PPR. Kelce is a great PPR pick. You’re getting the top TE 4-6 picks later than he’d likely go, and that difference in the first round can be huge. You’re picking at the turn, so you’d have Kelce plus your choice of the best remaining WR or RB. You’d probably go RB since you have AJ, and as long as someone like Mixon, Harris, or Gibson is available (maybe Ekeler or Jones if you’re really lucky), that’s a really good start in my book.

0.5 PPR

Can keep 2 players, so ADP is usually pushed up like in your scenario. Jonathan Taylor, Diggs, Ekeler, Gibson and Jefferson are some guys that I predict will be kept this year. In this league, I guessing Montgomery would maybe go 2nd round/definitely 3rd round. So last pick of the 5th round is making me lean Montgomery.

Kinda like the idea of drafting best 2 players available at the turn, combined with keeping AJ Brown and Montgomery for pretty good value

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Well, today I’m leaning towards keeping Kelce… it’s a constant internal battle lol

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