Gaskin and Mattison for Mahomes and Lockett?

10 team 0.5 PPR

I give: Myles Gaskin & Alexander Mattison
I get: Patrick Mahomes & Tyler Lockett

My other players:
QB: Kirk Cousins (I lost Dak)
RB: A. Jones, A. Gibson, C. Edmonds, Justin Jackson
WR: DJ Moore, AJ Brown, C. Lamb, C. Godwin, L. Shenault
TE: E. Ebron

I’m more stacked at WR than RB, but what do you think? Worth taking this trade?

Is this being offered to you? If so, I would take it. If you’re the one offering, it seems a little lopsided. Mahomes & Lockett > Gaskin & Mattison by a lot if you ask me.

You get a high power QB and a WR that also has a high power QB for a backup RB and RB2. Might need a bit more from your end.

I could be wrong though. Curious if anyone else feels this way.

He’s offering the trade to me, he has Cook and Bell so he’s hurting at RB. Also his other QB is Josh Allen. Thank you for the reply!

I dig it. Make it so!

Oh definitely accept that! make the man pay for not securing his mattison handcuff!