Gaskins or Saquon?

Full PPR. I have Robert Woods, Tyler Lockett, Stephon Diggs, Debo Samuel and Jarvis Landry. Needless to say I’m stacked with WR and I need to make a move for a good RB1. I’ve tried trading for Zeke, Gaskins and Saquon for Landry using their bad starts as leverage but no luck. I think I will need to put up Woods but is he worth Gaskins?

Hopefully I don’t come across too harsh here, but you never had a shot of getting these guys with Landry. That would be tilting of extraordinary amounts.

For me Gaskin is more of an RB2 even in PPR, I think Woods for him isn’t unreasonable. But it will really depend on Gaskin owner needs.

I knew that going in I was just trying to capitalize on their pain. Haha but is Gaskins going to be that good? I have have Hunt, Davis and Singletary for startable RB’s. Or Will Saquon be worth that trade?

Saquon I think you can forget entirely. I expect any owner who took him should have prepared themselves for a rough opening. They will still remember they paid a first or minimum second rounder for him and will want similar kind of value back even after two meh games. Gaskin is probably the only realistic target of these without losing Diggs.

Perfect, I was leaning towards going for it but I need a little affirmation. Thank you!

There’s no reason to go after Gaskin unless your other RBs are Carlos Hyde and David Johnson.

He’s mired in a committee on a meh offense. Woods is like the WR8 in PPR scoring over the last four years–and now his QB is Stafford!

I doubt if anyone who fell for the Gaskin sleeper hype is ready to give up on him, but he’s worth no more than Landry.