General Flex Advice for Duration of Zeke Suspension

I am currently sitting at 6-3 in 3rd place, full PPR 1QB - 10 team league.

Wentz/Goff (picked up for bye)
Bell/Fournette/Coleman/Aaron Jones/Zeke (traded for him when the original suspension was initiated)
Brate/Clay (originally had him to begin the season, picked him back up this week in hopes the magic will continue)
Rams D/ST (have been streaming all season)

I have been swapping streamers all season due to lack of production and injuries. I am considering dropping Aaron Jones to pick up Robbie Anderson, however looking at his schedule ahead it really doesn’t get juicy until wk 17 after TB this week.

Do I just suck it up and keep what I have and hope that my wide receiver woes are masked by my RB play? do I shake up my roster at WR?

Golden tate should be a solid option for the rest of the season, but you have good rbs and average wr so I’d try to package coleman and maybe hilton (for his name value) for a better wr

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