General Lineup Help Please!

14-team, Full Pt PPR. Here is what I’m going right not but I still have some questions:

QB: Garoppolo
RB: M Ingram
RB: D Murray
WR: Julio Jones
WR: Agholor
TE: Graham
Flex: Doyle
DST: Broncos
K: Succop

QB: Mariota, Tyrod
WR: Corey Coleman
RB: Barber
TE: S. Anderson
DST: Cowboys

So I guess my big questions are: is Goroppolo the Qb to start? Martin is back so that hurts Barber. Is Anderson a more sleepy but viable flex than Doyle? Broncos or Cowboys? Any other tips? Oh and I have Trent Taylor on my wire, does it make sense for me to stack him with Goroppolo either at WR or Flex?


I’d roll out Anderson this week. His matchup is good enough for flex consideration

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But you need to be prepared if Ingram doesn’t play tonight

Jimmy could do some damage this week. Mariota is safer

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I second that Jimmy comment, I think he is a nice play with a decent matchup but Marriotta for fantasy purposes is better.

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Sorry you guys had me all confused. Thought you meant Jimmy Graham, then I though you were complimenting my team because my name is Jimmy. Haha I got you now though. You think I can count on Mariota though? He has seriously been matchup proof in the wrong sense of that term. Meaning even if he has a good matchup he can still flub it up. I know we don’t have much to go on the Jimmy #3 but I just hate starting Mariota this year.

I’m in the same situation with dak I’m starting Keenum over him this week until he gains my trust back I feel it’s the same situation