General Team question 12 man standard

I have been getting a ton of offers for my RBs. I am debating on just keeping my team the way it is. I would like your thoughts if I am weak anywhere or thoughts on how to improve. I have this thread posted in a couple of places so if you see it multiple times I am sorry.
QB- Cousins
RBs- Fournette, Hunt, Gurley, Duke, Mack, Ivory
WRs- Michael Thomas, Shepard, Djax, Thielen
TEs- Engram, Doyle
D/St- Bengals
K- Elliott

Thanks guys

Interesting I think your teams looking good you could try to trade gurley for an elite qb and Low end wr1 to someone who’s desperate. You could toss in another player like theilen to spice it up a bit and get someone like mike Evans. Cousins has been alright but his schedule is tough. flexing Gurley would also be good. Maybe you could pick up someone like Big Ben on waivers and play matchups between him and Kirk.

To piggy back on this, I really think you can try to flip Gurley into something to help your WR core. Thielen I think is actually your best in that group. Thomas has been very underwhelming so far and really unreliable with all the targets Brees has, not to mention the emergence of Kamara. I think Shepard will have a strong finish to the season, so if you can flip Gurley into another strong WR2 spot OR maybe even consider a Thomas/Gurley for an elite WR1… find someone weak in the RB area. They may consider trading a high end WR if they are getting a solid Thomas and a much stronger RB.

I also agree that your team looks really good with your weakness being WR.

It would be hard but maybe you can move one of your stud RBs for a stud WR in return?

Then you’d have 2 really good RBs, 2 really WR, and if you had to you could survive with Mack, Duke, or Theilen in Flex. (Or 1 of your TEs if your league uses TE in Flex)

I forgot to mention its a 3 WR setup and yes we do flex RB/WR/TE

Then my suggestion stands with Theilen as your WR3 and Mack, Duke, or Doyle as your Flex. :slight_smile: