General thoughts Please Help

I have a decent team: .5 PPR 12 team

RBs: Bell, Hunt, TY, Cohen, Darkwa, Mack
WRs: Bryant, Fitz, Watkins, Decker, Ginn Jr, Golladay, Kearse
TE: Eiffert, ASJ

My would you trade Bell, TY, or Hunt for a top tier WR?

I am getting trades like AJ Green and Aaron Rogers for HUNT…


Bell had one bad week so far and I still believe he’s the best RB in the league, even better than Hunt. He’s off to a slow start but he’s just shaking off the rust after he missed basically all of training camp and preseason. Stick with him and he’ll start to put up big numbers really soon. And Hunt being a rookie, it’s hard to tell what he’s going to do this season. Every running back in an Andy Reid offense is guaranteed a ton of carries, on the other hand nobody really knows if he’s going to be as consistent as he’s been. So trust your gut on whether to keep him or trade him and I believe either one will be fine.

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Thank you for your thoughtful insight! Very helpful.

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