George Kittle Fantasy Value with Dante Pettis addition

Is Kittle still a favorable fantasy TE with the addition of Pettis in that offense? He and Jimmy G seemed to be building a solid connection at the end of last season. Looking to add a 2nd tight end in my offense behind Ertz.

I don’t think Pettis affects him, but if he does, I think it’s positive (less attention). They don’t really do similar things.

True. My question would probably be more about how Pettis affects his total targets. I think you are right about the attention aspect.

I don’t think it affects his targets at all

I think along the same lines as what the Ballers do - he’ll pop in a few games and then fall back due to being behind Goodwin and Garcon… Once Garcon retires or is cut then Pettis will have a chance to be something but i don’t think it’ll effect Kittle too much.