Gerald Everett or Trey Boo-Boo

I feel Everett can have a solid floor now with Kupp out. Been getting tired of Burton holding my team down and just wondering if its time for a switch. I could drop MVS as well. Ebron is available, but I only have $4 left in fabb and not confident that I will get him.

maybe drop burton as a decoy and try and get ebron. I think everette is a ok play tho for you

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Everette, Johnu, Herndon?
How would you rank those 3 at TE? I am looking for an insurance policy for kittle.
I would probably drop mvs.

I have been rolling with Vance…was considering dropping him for Everett. Not sure who has more upside

That is my first move. Ebron should be a top 5 TE with Doyle gone. But I have the least amount of FABB and I am sure someone will outbid me.

My back up move is Everett, but I am not sure if I should just cut ties with Burton or drop MVS and roll with Keenan, Kenny G, Alshon and Sutton.