German Fantasy player needs trade help

It’s a ridiculous 8 man league but still… I need help to get a WR

My RBs: David Johnson, Mixon, Freeman, Carson, Jacobs, Montgomery
My WRs: JuJu, Robert Woods, Mike Williams

Target Team WRs: Devante Adams, Hopkins, AB
Target Team RBs: Mack and Aaron Jones

What possibility do you guys see to get one of his WR?

You won’t get Adams or Hopkins unless you offer up your best RB. You might try and take advantage of Browns cryo foot and helmet tantrum and offer up Carson.

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It’s tough to answer this without knowing who you’re willing to give up. If it were me, I would try and use Williams and Jacobs to get AB. I think Williams is going to be too touchdown dependent and I don’t know how good Jacobs is actually going to be.

It’s funny, I was thinking, does it matter that this fantasy player is German? Is this question going to be in German? But amazingly, after seeing the question, I think it does matter. Do they have hard knocks in Germany? If so, your trade partner might see inflated value in a RB he got to see on TV in the pre-season.

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Good point withthe hard knocks aspect, unfortunately we could only access it over a VPN. So I guess that won’t really affect his opinion about Jacobs.

I guess targeting AB with some mix of Jacobs, Carson, Williams or even Mixon might be my best option here…

Thanks for your support!