Geronimo or the Colonel?

Making my choice between the 2. I feel like I will want to play Breida if he plays, but it feels like a trap if he does. am I right in this assumption?

Who should be in my flex this week?

So Breida hasnt practiced the week so if he is inactive, who do I flex

The Colonel vs the putrid Arizona run D


Geronimo, who should be in a shoot out with the Rams?

Any kind of PPR here? Also what’s your current lineup (bar flex) and your opponent, how are they looking this week?

Half point PPR

Given your matchup and as Watson will likely keep you close to Mahomes i think either are fine here! You have the Pats DST and Gurley with him playing Mack as of now looks banged up i don’t think theres a bad choice here.

The risk is if the Ravens do a job on MT and keep him very quiet so to counter that slight aspect i’d play Allison for the shootout, Rodgers has to put up 350+ and 3-4 TDs to beat the Rams for sure.