Geseki or Waller worth a trade target?

Owner has both Waller and Geseki and is about to be 1-2, he contacted me saying he’s open to trading. I feel fairly comfortable with my team (although a few guys underperforming like DJ Moore and Drake, but i think that will come). Was wondering what kind of package i can put together to get one of his TE’s. Would be willing to spend to get Waller if it’s reasonable.

12 team full ppr:

My Team: 2-0 (potentially 3-0 depending on the outcome of tonights game)
QB: Allen
RB: Drake, Robinson, Hunt, Montgomery, Gaskin, Michel
WR: Thomas(IR), Moore, Woods, Lazard, Gage, Miller, Campbell(IR), Deebo(IR)
TE: Cook

His team: 1-2
QB: Rodgers
RB: Chubb, Connor, Kerryon, Mckinnon, Barber, Harris (IR), Ozigbo(IR)
WR: Hopkins, Juju, Marvin Jones, Tate, Jeffrey(IR), Davis
TE: Waller, Geseki

Considering he’s got 2 it shouldn’t take much but maybe you can even upgrade your position.

I would try Lazard, Gaskin or Michel (sell high) for Gesiki straight up.

I don’t know if you can get Hopkins but in my mind I wonder if Robert Woods and Robinson is too much or not enough for Hop and Gesiki.

I have Robinson in some leagues and not in others. I can’t decide if he’s a sell high or hold

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Hopkins is currently #2 WR and Geseki is #1 TE currently in fantasy scoring (not talent necessarily just scoring wise). Have a hard time believing i could get both of them in a trade that doesn’t gut my team.

I have Gesiki 4th (Kelce still to play) in my leagues but that’s a fair statement.

I would try a Gaskins or Lazard for a TE and see what sticks. He has 2 good RB and 2 good WR then it’s a cliff so 1:1 is best or else you’re giving up too much like you said.

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Thanks, Lazard might be enough to do the trick and that’ll allow me to maintain my depth assuming Thomas and Deebo can come back healthy ASAP. Hard not to look at Waller and wish i could afford him.

Are we still high on Moore? Tons of targets in week 2 but almost nothing in week 3, feels like the Ballers projections of him being a top 10 WR are going to fall quite short, and i was banking on him to be my WR2 when Thomas returns