Get a load of this shit

What the fuck is going on in this league. Hope you all enjoy this one.

I’m in a really fucking weird league.

Half point PPR, 1 point every 10 rushing yards, 1 point every 20 receiving yards, and no decimals so 19 yards = 0 points (some bullshit double handicap on WRs if you ask me). Receptions and runs for 40+ yards is an extra 1 point and 50+ yards is 2 points. Defense gets 7 points for a shut out as soon a they allow 1 point it drops to 0 and doesn’t goes to -2 once they’ve allowed 28. Similarly, you get 5 points for keeping a team below 100 yards but once they hit 100 it drops to 0. weirdest fucking rules ever.

4 person bench, and there is NO waiver order. first come first serve. I could wake up at 5:30am every Tuesday and grab as many people as I want and everyone else can go fuck themselves. I found this out the hard way when I noticed that someone had swiped James conner and phillip lindsey at 5:50 on the Tuesday after week one.

I know that everyone plays by the same rules and I haven’t bitched to anyone in my league about this ridiculous set up that they play with, but I just wanted to share this with some others dudes that might be interested.

Have a great fucking Tuesday!!

Lol, these are the settings that would exist in my own personal hell if someone asked me to describe what it would be. I don’t know how you can deal with that. I guess we all did way back in the day before things got reasonable, but I could never go back to that…props just for dealing with it man

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Dude I got invited to this league last minute. Its like parents and few kids. I thought it was going to be a cake walk when some kid drafted tom brady second overall. I live in MA so yeah, this kid’s team is basically the NE patriots roster. Brady, Hogan, Edleman, gronk, white. I stole sony michel though :smiling_imp:. But yeah the WR and defense scoring drives me up the fucking wall.

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haha love how novices always do that – just taking all the players from their favorite teams lol. good job grabbing Michel there at least. that was a great snag.

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