Get Demarco for Keenan Allen?

Just got offered Carson Wentz and D. Murray for Allen. My other receivers are A. Brown, Baldwin, Crabtree, Ginn and JJ Nelson. RB’s are Gilislee, Gore, J Allen, Powell, and Kamara. What do you do hotshot?

Not a bad trade. Would you be able to land Henry if you made the deal?

Nope, he’s on another team

I’d take this trade. You have depth at WR and need help with RB’s. People are thinking that Murray is washed but I still think he is a top 10 RB. However, unless your league is very deep in QB’s I don’t think Wetz is much in this trade, you should look at it as Murray for Allen. Maybe get him to throw in a sleeper WR instead of Wentz.