Get Drake/Manny Sanders for Carlos Hyde/OJ Howard in Full PPR

My other RBs are Jordan Howard, Aaron Jones, Nick Chubb and my Other WRs are Michael Thomas, Amari Cooper, Marvin Jones, Randall Cobb, Nelson Agholor. TEs are Burton & McDonald (picked up to cover my week 4 byes).

I should mention that I am 0-4 :frowning:

How many playoff spots and teams are there?

12 teams. 6 make playoffs.

That’s good that 6 make it. You’ve got a good bit of time left don’t fret. I’m also 0-4 in the same format!

I wouldn’t do this trade though. It’s a losing trade imo. I like getting Sanders, but Hyde is way above Drake for the foreseeable future, and OJ could probably get you someone not too far below Sanders, if not Sanders himself, just as a 1:1.

I’d see if you can do OJ:Sanders straight up maybe? I don’t like this trade though.