Get Ekeler?

Would you give up Mixon and Patterson for Ekeler? Giving up too much?..but I am getting the best player. I would be pairing up Ekeler with Zeke. Good move?

This depends on your bench.

Remember giving up too much depth for a great player can always hurt your team instead of help.

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I agree without knowing the rest of the team this seems like a bit too high of a price to pay but if you have another solid rb outside of Ekeler and Zeke than I could see it being worth it

12 Team PPR:
QB: Jalen Hurts
WR: Keenan Allen
WR: Cooper Kupp
RB: Dalvin Cook
RB: Ezekiel Elliott
TE: Mark Andrews
FL: Joe Mixon
K : Matt Gay
D : Denver Broncos
BN: Javonte Williams
BN: Alexander Mattison
BN: Cordarelle Patterson
BN: Tyler Higbee
BN: Jakobi Meyers
BN: Jerry Jeudy

I think that you can give that up if you really want ekeler but honestly I think your Cook Zeke mixon combo is totally fine. I wouldnt wanna face that but I would think youd wanna sure up the WR group Meyers is a pretty big fall off from Allen and Kupp and Allen hasnt been what most of us expected to be