Get: Henry/ARob for Sanders/MT

League is a 12 man 1/2 ppr with 3 flex spots 1 Keeper

Would this be a fair trade to offer or Would I be giving up too much. Henry is better than sanders (especially in the playoffs schedule). But, MT is probably better the Arob, despite playoffs.

My team would be after
RBs: Cook, Henry, Gaskin, bench pieces
Wrs: Dhop, Arob, AB, Dionte, Davis, Reagor

On a side note: I traded for Sanders while he was hurt. I might not be valuing him high enough, so I could probably hold and be just fine in the playoffs. But, the idea of having Cook and Henry, with Dhop and Arob with the good schedules feels hard to beat.

I think I like what you already have better…just my opinion tho

Bumping to see if there any differing opinion

At this point I’d take Henry and ARob man. Thomas is kind of a mess with Brees possibly being out and just can’t find his groove. ARob’s floor is better at this point. Henry’s ceiling is so high. Smash it ASAP lol