Get: Hyde/K Allen -- Give: D Freeman/J Graham

Thoughts on this trade? At TE I also have Ertz and Engram on IR.

Hyde is my primary hold up on this. I could ask for S. Michel, or maybe ask to add D. Henry or T. Cohen along with Hyde.

The other team is desperate for a TE1. I am desperate for an RB, but I will be sad giving up D. Freeman after holding out hope for so long. Plus, he could have the best (prorated) season of his career in this amazing offensive show ATL has been putting on every week (despite the defense being bad enough to lose anyway).

What do you guys think?

This really is a tough decision, mainly because we don’t know how Freeman is going to come back after injury and what his role is going to be in this new explosive ATL offense…

I would definitely trade away Graham for K. Allen given your depth at the TE position, but it is not a 1 for 1 trade…

The portion of this trade that is debatable is the RBs exchanged…
Hyde is getting tremendous volume, but will that continue all season with Nick Chubb emerging?
Hyde is averaging only 3.4 yards per carry which is not great, he is a complete volume back…

I would prefer to get Michel/Allen for Freeman/Graham
I think the upside of Michel for ROS is greater than Hyde…

It is close though, and an argument could be made to just accept offer as is Hyde/Allen for Freeman/Graham. You would be getting a WR1 in exchange for TE who is a benchwarmer and nearly even exchange at RB if Freeman is healthy and Hyde continues with his volume…

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Thank you. I decided against this. I’ve gotta see how Freeman does at least once, and if Allen ended up disappointing for a third week straight while Graham flourished and more TE’s went down with injuries/had crappy games (likely)…I’d be using a lot of four letter words.

This is not at all a tough decision for me persoanlly. Give me Allen/Hyde all day.

I’d take this trade if it was just Freeman+Graham for Allen. I’m buying Allen anywhere and everywhere I can. Incredible buy low opportunity for one of the leagues best WRs and probably best route runner.

Reasonable. My brain knows the solution is obvious, but my heart as a Falcons fan (which has been trampled by the team the last 2 weeks…) is making me irrational enough to not accept it right now haha.

I’m not going to reject yet either. THe owner makes many qu estionable decisions so it’ll still be on the table for a few days. I’ll see how Freeman is coming along in practice and stuff.

I also play the Allen owner next week, which would suck to have given him the pieces he needs to be a lot stronger than he is now. It wouldn’t suck obviously if Allen/Hyde are playing up to par though.

He also has Hopkins and I was hoping to snatch Hopkins up from him on a down week using a TE. We’ll see how it shakes out.

Thanks guys.

If he does this, than he definitely “makes many questionable decisions” as you have said.

In case anyone’s interested, the Allen owner ended up trading him to someone else. The trade was…

Allen/Sony/Hooper for CMC/Ebron.