Get: Julio and Mixon Trade: Hunt

Other Rbs- Ajayi, Bell, Collins
Wrs: D thomas, Fitz, sanu, crowder

Standard or PPR?

standard league

I’d probably sit on what you got or look elsewhere personally then. You start Hunt and bell while flexing Ajayi essentially (or whatever order). So 3 starting RBs with easy potential for TDs on top offenses. Only soft spot is playing Fitz, Sanu, or crowder for you WR2

If you make the trade you get Julio, which yeah he’s sick, but if the offense can’t get it together then who knows. Then you’re stuck flexing Fitz, Mixon, or Sanu. Mixons playoff schedule sucks (along with the offense), who the heck knows about Fitz without Palmer, and with Sanu you’re playing two WRs for the falcons, so lowering your ceiling with a struggling offense.

Alex Collins has a couple good match ups but I don’t trust the Ravens so I’m a little biased on that…

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