Get me out of this pickle

My starting QB is Dak Prescott. He is an every week starter to me, but I also have Cam Newton and Alex Smith. I picked these two off the waiver this week to 1.) get ahead of Dak’s bye week next week and 2.) roster some startable QB’s while everyone is losing their QB’s to bye weeks. That being said, is this a good strategy? The following is my team:

There are a few RB’s on the waiver that I think could potentially be good for my team.
1.) Derrick Henry (Handcuff)
2.) Wayne Golloman (I think he is about to take over the Giants backfield which could be big for him)
3.) Matt Breida (In case Carlos Hyde goes down)

Would you guys drop anyone on my team or ride it out and play waivers if something happens this week? I believe if Cam has another good game he will have some high trade value.

Edit: I am also sitting at 1-3 so I need to play strategies at this point. My opponent this week only has kirk cousins. (Bye week) hence the strategy.