Get rid of Amari?

I have Amari, Cobb, Marvin jones, and Watkins and Fitzgerald as WR. And then Melvin Gordon, shady, breida, buck Allen, Sony Michel, and Rashaad penny as RBs. You guys think I should trade Amari for Chris Thompson?

I want to believe in Amari so much, but he is just a trap.

I’m in the same boat… you say I trade him then?

I’d keep cooper just for the sake of depth. You maybe able to trade shady on the name. He’s on a bad offense which is going to be down alot so I would think they won’t run at the rate you’d like them to. Or maybe breida coming off a good game

Also I try to upgrade you wrs not rb. You really dont have any down right studs or high wr1’s. Is this ppr?

Yeah full ppr. I think fitz has a good chance at being a number 1 with Rosen. Just need Bradford to get the hell out of here

Its possible but it’s no guarantee. Also you’ll probably get more value out of shady than cooper. Breida probably can get you the same value maybe a little better that cooper