Get rid of kickers?

so I’ve been hearing talks about kickers being removed next year from fantasy. This could possibly just be an addition to the other lineup formats or the new standard. How do you feel about this? Also what do you think will happen to the lineup? I think they may add a second flex position or maybe a dual qb situation. Honestly not having kickers wouldn’t be the worst if it meant having an extra flex. On the other hand, does the kicker position provide an extra chess piece to the game adding to the fun? Thoughts? image

There is very little strategy to kickers. I mean the only semblance of one is to get a kicker on a good offense, but even that is a crap shoot. I have lost many games to kickers and its just stupid. I am fine with this change.


Im in a league without kickers and it’s been really great. I don’t have to worry about a kicker having a random good or bad game that’s completely dependent on circumstance. I hated dealing with the near unpredictability of the kicker position.
IMO removing kickers helps mitigate most of what I would call arbitrary luck. Whereas I’m more okay with losing to a boom or bust player because it was a calculated risk, kickers are like throwing a dart blindfolded.


I couldn’t agree more. I have definitely lost close games due to my kicker. One specifically, who I will not name but plays for the green bay packers, missed 5 field goals in one game.

someone needs to talk to my league mates, they are trying to build the most realistic fantasy football roster (no idps) possible. KICKER IS THE MOST USELESS UNPREDICTABLE POSITION. You cant predict who will have a good game or a bad game. GET RID OF KICKERS from fantasy football!!!

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I think it’s great that your league has got rid of the kicker position. Im pretty sure arbitrary luck is defined in the fantasy football dictionary as “the kicker”. I have had so many games where all the strategies based on logic played out well and the kicker completely swings the score. I would much rather have an extra flex position because it gives me the option to throw in a heavy risk boom or bust play. I will look to remove kickers from my leagues next year.

If we didnt have the kicker position, i would have one extra win and have a guaranteed 1st round bye.

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hindsight, doesnt really matter i won the league anyways

There are no K and no DST in leagues that I commish. I replaced them with an additional WR and a Superflex. Superflex is the way of the future. If you aren’t doing it already, highly recommend you do so. Adds tremendous scarcity value to QB position and makes them a valuable trading asset which boosts trading activity. Single QB leagues are a thing of the past.

I like the idea of having kickers in the mix to throw into a flex spot, but I have lost SO MANY WEEKS due to kickers missing and getting me negative points. I hate them and at this point is kind of a deal breaker to have to roster and play a kicker for joining any further leagues…